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Here is the summary of what's written below. Please use it only as a quick checklist because it does not contain all conditions that you agree to by using Wall.fm.

  • Wall.fm is s owned and operated by Skalfa LLC, and is powered by Oxwall software.
  • Persons under 18 years old are not allowed to create and operate Site(s) powered by Wall.fm service.
  • When running a Site on Wall.fm you own your content and user profiles. You can ask us to send you backup of this data any time. We will remove this data from our servers any time upon your request.
  • You are forbidden to create and operate a Wall.fm-powered site intended for use by Children, unless that is an Educational Site. To start an Educational Site, you must first read and understand provision 7 of these Terms of Use.
  • No illegal content. No adult content.
  • Everything is as-is and nothing is guaranteed except for those services you pay for explicitly.
  • Wall.fm reserves the right to discontinue anyone's Site operation upon the company's discretion and/or violation of these Terms of Use.

We highly encourage you to read and understand the full-text version below.

Full-Text Version

Last updated: May 25, 2011

1. Definitions

The Company - Skalfa LLC, the owner of Wall.fm service.

Wall.fm - web service for creating Sites.

Sites - social network websites powered by Wall.fm. Sites are hosted by Wall.fm and may be created by anyone having a free Wall.fm account.

Educational Sites - Sites powered by Wall.fm that serve solely for educational purposes, i.e. introducing and reteaching skills and knowledge through the Site functionality.

Wall.fm account - a free user account on Wall.fm required to create Sites powered by Wall.fm service.

Site Operators - individuals who sign up for a free Wall.fm account and create Sites on it.

Users - persons who use Wall.fm-powered Sites.

Children - for the United States, persons under 13 years old protected by the United States Federal Law, whose personal information can be collected and processed only with verifiable parental consent (learn more COPPA); this definition may vary depending on Laws and Regulations applicable on the Site Operator's territory of residence/citizenship.

Content - Site materials consisting of data, pictures, multimedia files, texts, comments, notices, files, messages, press releases, datasheets, FAQs, communications, and any other materials hosted on Wall.fm-powered Sites.

2. Acceptance of use

This is the agreement between The Company and The Site Operator (further "You"). By using Wall.fm to create Sites, you agree to and are bound by the Terms of Use set forth in this document. If you do not agree to these Terms of Use, please do not access or use this web service. Although we are most likely to cover substantial changes in this agreement on our blog, these Terms of Use may be periodically updated without prior notice. Please check the most recent version of the terms of use using the link on the main page of Wall.fm at any time. You need to render your Site(s) compliant with these Terms within 7 days after publication.

Persons under 18 years old are not allowed to create and operate Site(s) powered by Wall.fm service.

3. Service description

The Company provides you with the ability to create your own Sites by providing software and hosting resources.

4. Your contact information

We do not sell or expose your contact information to any 3rd parties. We may use your contact information to make important notifications and let you know how you can improve your experience with Wall.fm.

5. Content ownership and privacy

We do not claim any ownership rights for Content and user profiles created by users of your Site(s). You can obtain a backup of this data from us any time by contacting us.

All data and Content generated by your Site (including but not limited to users, photos, videos, discussions, etc) stays private at all times. This Content can not be used by Wall.fm on other sites and is not shared with third parties. Content safety is not guaranteed but is ensured by using industry-standard security tools.

6. Publishing content

Wall.fm encourages freedom of speech with important responsibility rules. Below are types of Content that these Terms restrict fully or partially:

6.1. Illegal content

The Company is established in the USA. Thus illegal content is what prohibited by Law of the USA and by Law of the country(ies) of your residence/citizenship. Illegal content includes but is not limited to:

  • Child pornography
  • Intellectual property rights infringing content

and such.

Wall.fm cannot be held directly or indirectly responsible for publishing illegal content by Wall.fm users on any Wall.fm Sites. There are no circumstances under which any Site powered by Wall.fm can temporarily or permanently host illegal content.

6.2. Adult content

Wall.fm doesn't allow hosting adult content on your Sites.

There is no strict definition of adult content. We give general guidelines how to check if your Site can be considered adult:

  • Ask yourself: "Would I be comfortable viewing this content with my parents or children in the same room?"
  • Ask yourself: "Would I feel comfortable viewing this content if my boss walked up behind me while I had this content on my screen?"
  • If you are not 100% sure your Site is family-safe, non-mature, non-explicit.
  • A Wall.fm Site (or Content on it) that is considered adult can be suspended without prior notification. If you think that can't affect you - stay on Wall.fm.

6.3. Questionable/controversial/objectionable content

We encourage you to avoid generating/hosting questionable content including but not limited to:

  • Nazi
  • Race discrimination
  • Hate-speech
  • Propaganda

and such. Although this is not being treated illegal we reserve right to discontinue Sites that we believe may hurt user experience.

You hold full responsibility for any Content published on your Sites at Wall.fm. You agree to take proactive measures to prevent publishing any content restricted by these Terms. Wall.fm as the Site hosting service reserves right to temporarily or permanently take down Sites hosting such content.

7. Sites for Children

7.1. Terms and Conditions applicable to Sites for Children powered by Wall.fm

You are forbidden to create and operate Sites intended for use by Children on Wall.fm service, unless these are Educational Sites that comply with terms and conditions set forth in this provision:

  • Content hosted on Educational Site must be intended for educational purposes only, i.e. for introducing and reteaching skills and knowledge through the Site functionality. Any other types of Content are forbidden on Educational Sites for Children powered by Wall.fm.
  • Educational Site must be private, meaning that free registration and public access to Educational Site Content must be forbidden.
  • Educational Site Users must be limited to students, teachers and teachers' assistants engaged in the educational process.
  • Educational Site must be free of advertisement of any kind, including but not limited to advertisement by Wall.fm service. To start and operate an Educational Site for Children, you must sign up for a Wall.fm Site plan sufficient for running an advertisement-free Site.
  • As a Site Operator, you must render your Educational Site for Children compliant with the Law of the United States and the Laws applicable on your territory of residence/citizenship that regulate the way you store and process the information collected from Children on your Site. If you operate an Educational Site on the territory of the United States, or your Educational Site is directed to Children in the United States or knowingly collects information from Children in the United States, your Educational Site must comply with COPPA requirements.

If you do not agree to any of the terms and conditions above, you are forbidden to create and operate an Educational Site powered by Wall.fm service.

7.2. Disclaimer

The Company cannot be held liable for any cases of intentional or unintentional misuse of the personal information obtained from Children on Educational Sites or other types of Sites powered by Wall.fm, as according to provisions of these Terms of Use, The Company only provides hosting and tools for creating Sites. The Company does not claim any data ownership, and ensures privacy of the hosted information by using the industry-standard security tools.

8. Cancellation and refund policy

You may cancel your subscription for a paid Wall.fm Site plan at any time. No contracts.

Be advised that in case of refund disputes, you are only eligible for a refund of one monthly charge paid by you for using a Wall.fm Site plan, regardless of the total number of charges made during your usage of paid Wall.fm Site plans.

In case of advance payment for a paid Wall.fm Site plan, you are eligible for full refund if the services the payment was made for have not been used by you.

9. No warranty

Wall.fm service is provided as is and The Company takes no responsibility for any damages, deletion, failure to store any User communications or personal settings. We do strive to preserve the maximum possible uptime and limit unavailability to scheduled updates and maintenance yet we do not guarantee any levels of uptime and response time.

Wall.fm cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage that may be caused by your usage of Wall.fm service for creating your own Site(s) and/or participating in Site(s) created on and hosted by Wall.fm.

Wall.fm cannot be used for emergency communication since it doesn't guarantee interruption-free delivery.

10. Restriction and Termination of Use

The Company reserves the right to restrict, disable, block, suspend or terminate your access to Wall.fm service at any time without prior notice or liability to you. In a normal situation we always try to establish communication before taking actions of this kind but we leave it to our own discretion not to do so in something-terribly-wrong-here cases.

Last updated: May 25, 2011