Content Features


  • Status updates
  • Stream of news from all people, groups, events you follow
  • Likes and comments for all newsfeed events


  • Multiple photoalbums
  • Optional full-size photo storage
  • Tags/rates/comments


  • Embed videos from YouTube, Metacafe, Dailymotion and all other major video sites
  • Tags/rates/comments


  • Customizable (drag'n'drop) sections
  • File attachments
  • Rich text formatting and photo uploads


  • Monthly archives
  • Tags/rates/comments
  • Rich text formatting and photo uploads


  • Vote up/down, Digg style
  • Tags/comments


  • Add/remove/rearrange items on group page
  • Add any HTML/RSS/media items on group page
  • Internal newsfeed and forum


  • Create public and private events
  • Invite friends for RSVP

Virtual gifts

  • Send public/private gifts to users with personal messages
  • Optionally pay for gifts with credits

3rd party widgets

  • Insert any widgets into site index, profiles, user dashboards, groups
  • Games, flash, myspace codes supported

Comment walls

  • Comment thread on any piece of content

Activity streams

  • Showing activity of the whole site or friends only
  • Manually remove activity events

User Features

Customizable dashboard

  • Add/remove/rearrange items
  • Add any HTML/RSS/media items

Customizable profile

  • Add/remove/rearrange items
  • Add any HTML/RSS/media items
  • Newsfeed


  • Friend requests with email notifications

User roles

  • Customizable permissions for user roles
  • Manually change user roles for members

Facebook connect

  • Sign in/sign up using Facebook account
  • Synchronize with Facebook account

Instant chat

  • Chat with friends online
  • Invite online people for chat directly from their profiles


  • Send/receive private messages
  • Conversation format
  • Mark conversations read/unread
  • Email notification

Text/webcam chat

  • Public chatroom
  • View several webcams simultaneously

User credits

  • Buy (or earn by activity) credits
  • Spend on virtual gifts and other things

Contact importer

  • Invite contacts/friends from Google/Facebook
  • Auto-friending upon registration via invite

Email notifications

  • Customizable notifications about user-related site activity
  • Customizable schedule

Status updates

  • Send status updates to Newsfeed, Facebook-style

Global/Admin Features

Custom domain

  • Connect your own domain, instead of

Customizable index page and sidebar

  • Add/remove/rearrange items
  • Add any HTML/RSS/media items

Optional plugins

  • Turn on/off any site feature


  • Optional member approve
  • Member suspend
  • Review flagged content
  • Appoint moderators with custom permissions

Premium membership

  • Charge users for premium membership, one-time/recurring
  • Time/price plans for all levels of membership

Payment processing

  • Use integrated payment systems to collect money
  • PayPal payment service

Advertisement management

  • Any number of ads per spot, random showing
  • Geo-targeting by IP

Google analytics

  • Use Google analytics code on your site to track in your Google account

Custom Pages & Menus

  • Create static text/HTML pages
  • Rearrange top and bottom menu items

General privacy

  • Mandatory email verification for new signups
  • Make site invite-only
  • Make site members-only
  • Lock the whole site with a password

Splash screen

  • Show intro/warning/splash page before letting anyone in

Maintenance page

  • Close site temporarily with a nice "Back soon" message

Coming soon

Mobile applications, games, classifieds, wiki, and many other features. See what's on our roadmap.